Becoming a Wanderlust Queen

I’ve been afflicted with the wanderlust for as long as I can remember. My mother was a travel agent before she retired, and I was very lucky as a kid to visit places like Greece, England, Italy, and Canada. She instilled in me a desire to travel and explore.

In middle school, I spent my time coming up with detailed itineraries for a backpacking adventure through Europe. Never happened. In high school, I revised those itineraries and planned to travel before I left for college. Still didn’t happen. In college, I vowed I would study abroad for at least a semester and have the adventure of a lifetime. Ha. Instead, I decided to work on a five year program to finish my MA (which I’m still 3 credits away from completing) and my dreams of world travel fell by the wayside.

They’re back, though. And apparently, with a vengeance. Two years after finishing my BA and one year after the expected completion of my MA, 2015 is the year I will finally go abroad. After applying for full-time jobs for the past two years with no luck, I have decided to teach English abroad. I’m already working on becoming a certified elementary education teacher, so what better way to gain experience?

So, right now, I’ve been sending out applications and scheduling interviews with a few different programs. Let’s see what happens.

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