Documents are in the mail!

I was thrilled when I checked my mailbox this morning and saw that I already received my transcripts from my university. That is quite possibly the quickest they’ve done anything. But I’m not complaining.

Next step was to drive to the post office immediately to have everything mailed to KorVia! My recruiter should receive everything in 6 to 10 days.

Shit just got real. Really real.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

After my interview with EPIK on Thursday, my interviewer told me that my recruiter would let me know if I’ve been accepted in two to three days.

My recruiter just e-mailed me and all she said was “Please print out this final application form when you submit all your documents =)”

Does that mean I’m in? Or will it be determined after I submit my documents?

I don’t know. I was expecting something more formal, I suppose?

I e-mailed her back and now I’m sitting here, waiting for a reply, even though I was to get up for work in five hours.