E-2 Visa Question?

Hey guys! I just got my passport back with my E-2 visa today. Yay!

However, as I was looking it over, I noticed that it said “single entry.” I’ve already begun making plans for traveling outside Korea while I’m there. So I’m a little confused.

Will I not be able to leave and re-enter Korea? Do I have to get another type of visa before I travel?

If anyone has any experience with this, could you please help/clarify?

I have a US passport if that makes any difference.



4 thoughts on “E-2 Visa Question?

  1. If it says single, you can’t leave the country until you have your physical alien registration card (ARC). If you do leave and you don’t have your ARC, meaning you aren’t fully registered as a resident, you would have to start the visa process again. So just get your ARC asap and then you are fine to come and go as you please!

    I know this because my coworker nearly ran into an issue with our summer vacation. He didn’t have his ARC yet and his recruiters told him (after he paid $700 for a plane ticket) that he couldn’t leave the country. His visa says multiple entry, though, so he was fine!

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