Tia Teacher!

They call me Tia Teacher. My students, that is.

It was only my third full day, but I’m slowly getting a little more comfortable and a little more familiar with my students. Names will take some time, although there is a small handful of kids with big personalities who I already remember. At the beginning of each class, I have them go around the room and tell me their name as well as one fact about themselves. Today the topic was “favorite foods.” Spaghetti ranked very high on the list among all my students.

At some point during the day, the skies opened up and we had a massive rainstorm. All my kids were walking into class soaking wet, wringing out their hair, and taking their shoes and socks off. It was terrible; I felt so bad because they were damp and unhappy.

On a brighter note, before work I found a new place for lunch called Kimseongsaeng, just a few blocks away from the school. It was predominantly a kimbap place, but I got the bulgogi pork with rice and oyster mushrooms. It wasn’t very crowded and I sat at a nice table in the back. They served me some delicious iced tea, with a familiar flavor that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. One of the waitresses also came by to offer me a fork, but when she saw me using chopsticks she smiled and got really happy.


Bulgogi with broth, banchan, and tea..

I think I will go to Busan on Saturday to see a Studio Ghibli exhibit. REALLY looking forward to that!


3 thoughts on “Tia Teacher!

  1. Laureen says:

    Hi Tia…its mrs.laureen.daveis keeping me apprised of your new life. We love hearing your comments and little stories.well,the story of your medical exam was disturbing but you need to know this similar thing that my sweet Chinese acupuncturist said to me on my first visit…ready to hear it. She told me “you have such pretty face but why You have so much chunk fat.” Can I imagine..I was mortifed.i I know you r laughing….love u laureen


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