I’m an Alien. I’m a Legal Alien.

I officially received my ARC (Alien Registration Card) from the Immigration Office! And the picture isn’t horrible!

Now, since I’m a legal resident, I was also able to open a bank account – which I did this morning. I went with my American coworker and he was actually able to get them to issue me an international Visa card, which will come in handy for traveling. Totally grateful for that! The process only took about an hour, and I will also be able to do my banking online including sending money home. Since my student loans own my soul.

My next step is getting a phone plan set up. I was considering getting a WiFi egg, but my coworker was explaining that you need an actual phone number to sign up on certain websites, etc. Whatever. I guess I’ll just suck it up.

Anyone also living in Korea, which carrier do you prefer? What is your plan like and how much do you pay monthly? Thanks in advance!

And here’s a little video. Because I like to think that I’m funny:


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