I’m extremely frustrated right now. On the verge of angry, really.

It’s nearly November and I still have not been told when I am getting off for winter break. So, today I decided to ask my boss. As soon as the words came out of my mouth she stopped and stared at me.

“We don’t know yet.” Her eyes narrowed. “Why do you want to know?”

Why do I want to know? Are you fucking kidding me?

“I’m trying to make travel arrangements,” I replied calmly.

She brushed me off.

I spent the rest of my time in between classes looking up airfare and accommodations for a variety of different destinations. Prices have already gone up since I started looking several weeks ago.

I refuse to spend one of my two longer breaks in Korea (I only get 6 actual vacation days for the year, split between winter and summer). I have an entire year to explore this country and there are so many other beautiful places to experience nearby. Thailand. Japan. Taiwan. The Philippines. Vietnam.

If I wait any longer, I’m not going to want to pay the price for a plane ticket. No. I refuse to pay the price for a plane ticket.

I’m a planner. Not planning things in advance gives me anxiety. Also, I grew up having a travel agent for a mom.

Rage rage rage. Rant rant rant.

I’m having a chocolate bar and going to sleep.


7 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of employment – they own your time! But it would be actually quite unusual to know your break with such an advance. At least in Italy is normal to get informed a couple of weeks earlier.


    • Unfortunately, it seems to be the norm that you are left in the dark about a lot of things regarding work. I had zero teacher training and was expected to jump right into my classes on my second day. Even two months in, a lot of what I do is guess work. It’s pretty difficult to cope with, but you kind of just have to roll with it.

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      • Ah yes, the famous Korean Surprise. I’m so used to having my schedule at least four months in advance, it’s going to be quite the shock. 😛 But I’ll try to take inspiration from you and try to roll with it, haha!

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  2. Sorry to hear about that! I, too, am an organized person with planning as a necessity! At the very least, this particular Korean work culture is challenging you to be creative with teaching and really learning from experience. Sometimes being thrown in can in turn really challenge you–in a good way! You’re getting through it. Keep up the posts, I love reading them (I end up reading each one through my email notification, so I am keeping up despite the lack of likes)!


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