6 Things I Love About Korea

While my last post was admittedly negative, no one can possibly love everything about a particular place all the time. With that said, I am also creating a list of the things that make me really enjoy living in Korea.

  • Food

– Korean food is legitimately amazing. First of all, it is almost always cheaper to go out to eat than to cook at home. And eating out is an experience here. It is social. You spend time eating and talking with friends; a meal just isn’t over in 30 minutes. It’s nice. At most sit-down restaurants, the food gets cooked right in front of you. If you’re in the mood for street food, there’s an abundance of it. It’s cheap and delicious.

  • Cosmetics

– Appearance is very important to Koreans; they always have to look their best. And although I am lazy and don’t exactly look like a human being all the time, I love makeup! I’ve found that the quality of products here is exceptional. Especially for the price. Lip stains for about $3, (adorable) hand cream for about the same. Also, face masks. These are so popular here and you can get very nice ones for about $1 each! Most shops also give you free samples with your purchases and I will certainly be buying some full size versions very soon.

  • Efficiency of public transportation

– Maybe I have a death wish since I spent my last post discussing how bad Korean drivers are. But. Public transportation here is so cheap! A local bus/subway costs about $1 per ride. Most places I want to get to by taxi cost less than $5. For me to get from Ulsan to Busan, about $6. Ulsan to Daegu, about $7. At home, for me to get from home to Manhattan, it’s $15 one way!

  • Daiso

– Daiso is pretty much the dollar store of Korea. And. It. Is. Incredible. Especially for me, since I’m cheap as hell. Every time I walk into one, it’s like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. But better. 12 rolls of toilet paper for $3? Adorable stickers and post-its and notebooks for $1? Cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, pretty much anything else I could ever want for mostly under $5? Here, Daiso, just take all of my money.

  • History

– While the United States has history, it’s new history. And quite honestly, it bores me. I love old stuff. Show me beautifully decorated temples and massive sculptures of Buddha. Museums with timelines dating back to BCE. This is what I live for. Astronomy towers. Pottery. Clothing. I want to see it all. I honestly plan most of my trips around how much historical stuff I can see. Korea has so much history. And that makes me happy.

  • Cute stuff

– Cute stuff abounds in Korea. Despite the fact that I pretty much only wear black and like a lot of the doomy gloomy, I ALSO LOVE CUTE THINGS. Hello Kitty? I sleep in Hello Kitty pajamas. Stuffed sushi rolls with faces? Give them to me. There are cartoons on everything from restaurants to fire stations. I [not so secretly] love it. Ice cream cone stickers. Kitty cat hair accessories. I recently bought a hand cream shaped like a seal. I’m just going to sit here and squeal about the cuteness. Gah!

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