Wanting to Scream

Today needs to be over. Like, three hours ago.

During my first class, my students told me they didn’t have their books. I made them check their backpacks in front of me, just to be sure. Frustrated, I had to come up with a new lesson in about five minutes. We ended up just doing a lot of spelling and pronunciation. Then, when the bell rang, both my students called out “Teacher!” and pulled their books from their lunch bags. Holy hell. I was seething.

My other classes were good. Even days are light for me. I had my break at 6, so I went to my favorite cafe to get the toffee nut latte I had been craving all day. I ordered, paid. While I was waiting for the barista to make my drink, I noticed my receipt said “cafe latte” instead of “toffee latte.” I brought it up and tried to explain in pantomime and my extremely limited Korean, but she just looked at me like I had six heads. So I got a big steaming cup of not what I wanted.

Back at work, the head teacher finally told me when winter break would be – from December 30 to January 3. Too bad it’s too late for me to book anything at a reasonable price. Thanks so much for such exceptional planning. 

Then, as I was eating my dinner (a reasonably portioned Tupperware of pasta and sauce), my boss came over to me and said “too much food for you!” Way to make me feel awesome.

I just want to be in my apartment, under the covers, with a giant tub of ice cream.

Maekju and Bamboo

My. Weekend. Was. Awesome!


On Saturday, I woke up early and worked out in my apartment. (I’ve been really good and have actually exercised every day the past week!) Then, I took myself for a walk downtown and had a bit of a “treat yo’self” day. I got a really nice sweatshirt from H&M (it was on sale, too), an adorable red headband, and a new compact from Innisfree. It’s the Ampoule Intense Cushion with Jeju green tea and SPF 34. It’s super lovely. Good coverage, not cakey, and moisturizing. I dig it.

After, I walked home and watched some Buffy and Angel. I made pasta for dinner and my friends Aisling and Rob invited me over to their place because their friends from Daegu, Roxy and Chris, were visiting. We hung out and had some drinks before making our way to Cima. There, we had some more drinks and Aisling, Roxy, and I decided to plan for a girls’ weekend in Daegu next weekend. I’m looking forward to it.

At around 2, we called it a night.

Today, Sunday, they invited me out to the bamboo forest with them. Despite the fact that everyone was extremely mildly hungover, we walked all the way to Taehwa Park (about 30 minutes). I guess we needed the fresh air. We also needed caffeine. Thankfully, it wasn’t terribly cold out.




At the park, we walked all over the place, played with some hula hoops, and had plenty of silly photo ops. I had so much fun! After we got all bamboo’d out, we stopped for coffee and everyone promptly proceeded to fall asleep on the insanely comfy cafe couches. It was definitely time to head home.

I also decided to stop for some honey soy fried chicken, which I devoured by myself while watching The Out of Towners (the remake).


The Cockroach

After a lovely evening of getting cocktails with a friend, I came back to my apartment. I took my shoes off in the entry way and opened the second door into my studio. I heard a light thump as I flipped on a light switch.

To my absolute horror, there was a massive cockroach hanging out on my floor.

I panicked.

My first instinct was to call Hannah, who lives three hours away. No answer.


A few minutes later, she called me back as I was standing on my bed, half changed into my sleepwear.

Did I have bug spray? No. Did I have hairspray? No. Did I have powdered boric acid? No.

I did have a tupperware container, though.

With Hannah on speaker phone, I knelt on top of my nightstand as the insect had scuttled behind my full length mirror. 3 – 2 – 1. I dropped the container on top of it. But I missed.

[Expletive deleted]

Hannah proceeded to tell me how “American” I sounded as I went in for my second attempt. I got it this time!

“YEAH,” I bellowed in my manliest, most ‘Murica voice. Hannah laughed.

Then, I stacked two cans of beans and a bottle of body lotion on top of it.

It’s been about an hour, and I think I’m just going to wait for it to die because I’m too terrified to do anything else. And I also feel like it’s watching me, planning its escape.

Happy Tuesday!