The Ulsan Foreigner’s Market

Every month in Ulsan, a group of foreigners come together at Sticky’s (one of the foreigner bars) to sell homemade items. I’ve only been to one since coming here, because I’m always doing something else the day they host it. Today, however, I was completely free! So, Steve and I walked downtown to get there when it opened at 2 PM.

There were so many stalls today: gluten free baked goods, dips and lasagnas and macaroni and cheese, curries, fudge, chorizo, biltong (South African jerky), candles, soaps, and chili. There was also a stall taking donations for a local animal shelter (I donated 2,000 won).

After making our way around the market, Steve and I ended up getting two Harry Potter themed butterbeer cupcakes, buffalo chicken dip, and chicken tikka masala. We hung out for a while to talk to people, but headed back to my place after about an hour an a half. Overall, it was a super successful outing!

Needless to say, we ate all our purchases for dinner. I even had some rice at home to have with the curry. After dinner, we decided to watch some movies, which turned into a mini Quentin Tarantino marathon: Inglorious Basterds and Django. I hadn’t seen the former, and Steve hadn’t seen either. Both were fantastic, despite the fact that they left me sobbing uncontrollably.

Then, my neighbor was undoubtedly intoxicated, as we heard caterwauling from next door. Steve went to stick his head outside, and her door was wide open. Later, we heard a man’s voice and a great deal of screaming from the two of them. This happens more often than I would like and, of course, I would get stuck with a crazy lady for a neighbor. She also recently acquired a yippy little dog, so I hear that a lot now, too.

Regardless, I had a really good day and I’m already excited about next month’s market!

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