A Trip to Tokyo: Part 3

Monday was a long day. Eri and I woke up at 6 AM to get tickets to the Tokyo Skytree because it was supposed to get very crowded. The Skytree is in Sumida and we took the train. Eri had never been before, so we were both so excited!

When we got to the entrance, we were thrilled to find out that there was no line at all! We purchased our tickets and went up to the Tembo Deck, which is 350 meters up. After soaking in the amazing views of the city, we spent a little extra money to go up to the Tembo Galleria (450 meters up). At the Tembo Galleria, they had a Star Wars exhibit on display. I’ve actually never seen any of the movies, but it was really interesting. Then, we got coffee at the cafe, where we also had an incredible view of the city.

Later, we met Eri’s mom at Tsukiji Market, the famous fish market. We walked around and looked at all the stalls and even sampled some seaweed and almonds. For lunch, we got some very fresh raw fish on top of rice with miso soup. I can’t remember what the dish was called, but it was delicious. There was salmon, tuna, yellowtail, crab, shrimp, and roe.

When we were done with lunch, we all headed over to Asakusa to visit Senso-ji Temple. The streets were absolutely filled with people and there were many vendors selling souvenirs. Senso-ji is Tokyo’s oldest temple and the entrance has a massive paper lantern. You can also see the pagoda, which is very close to the temple. Just as we did at the Meiji Shrine, we walked up the steps to toss in our coins and pray. I also got another fortune scroll.

Later, we headed back to Harajuku to do some souvenir shopping and check out the Kawaii Monster Cafe. The cafe was wonderfully weird and featured waitresses and performers dressed in the decora fashion style. We got milkshakes and multi-colored pasta, which was served on a plate shaped like an artist’s palette. It was pretty good!

We went back to Eri’s house to relax a bit before dinner. We decided to go for okonomiyaki and monjayaki. Okonomiyaki is essentially a pancake filled with your choice of ingredients that you cook on a hot plate at your table (we got one with mixed seafood and one with tuna and cheese). Monjayaki is similar, except you use more liquid while cooking it and it gets very crispy on the hot plate (ours had pork and vegetables).

After dinner, we went back to Eri’s house and had tea, sweets, and watched some TV. Then, it was time for bed.

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