30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Post About Your Zodiac Sign, and Whether or Not it Fits You

I am super into astrology and have been for as long as I can remember. My birthday is on November 6, which makes me a Scorpio. And my sign couldn’t be any more accurate.

Scorpio the scorpion is a fixed water sign and the eighth sign of the zodiac. Those who fall under this sign are often described as very emotional, compassionate, and magnetic. Scorpios can also be jealous or possessive, and suspicious of others.

Anyone who knows me knows how emotional I can get even over the littlest things. Happy or sad, my feelings are usually very intense. Additionally, I feel that people often find it very easy to talk to me about personal things (even if I have no interest in hearing about them). I also find it easy to sympathize with others and make them feel better if they are having a bad day.

On the negative side, I have certainly found myself in situations where I’ve felt very suspicious or paranoid. I have a tendency to overthink things and that could be considered a fault. However, I am very proud to be a Scorpio. I even have the constellation tattooed on my wrist.

What’s your sign? Does it fit you well?

Also, if anyone would like to do this challenge with me, it can be found here.

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