30 Day Challenge: Day 15

Bullet Point Your Whole Day

  • 8:30 – Wake up
  • 8:40 – Get ready for work
  • 9:30 – Have breakfast
  • 10:30 – Leave for work
  • 11:00 to 3:30 – Work (it was a really slow day)
  • 3:30 – Go to the post office and pick up package from Hannah!
  • 3:45 – Get home and open package!
  • 4:00 – Change out of work clothes and be a bum
  • 6:30 – Eat dinner
  • 8:30 – Skype with Steve
  • 9:30 – Read tarot cards, listen to music

My life is so exciting, right guys?

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30 Day Challenge: Day 14

Post Your Favorite Movies That You Never Get Tired of Watching

The Rocky Horror Picture Show




The Lord of the Rings trilogy


The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy




Also, if anyone would like to do this challenge with me, it can be found here.

30 Day Challange: Day 13

What Are You Excited About?

Right now, I’m excited about going to the New York City Pride Parade on June 26. I went to my first one six years ago and, five years ago, I started going with a group of college friends I met through Allies (that was our campus GSA [Gay Straight Alliance], except we couldn’t call it that because we went to a Catholic University).

The group always consists of my friend Candice and I, sometimes with the addition of our friends Bobby and Sam. I would love for everyone to be able to come this year! I was afraid I was going to miss Pride because I should have still been in Korea, but now that I’m not, I can’t wait to go!

We usually get into the City early and find a spot in the 20s on Broadway. We almost always take a little walk through Eataly and get something (read as gelato) to eat. It’s usually too hot to stay at the parade for its entirety, so when we can’t take the heat anymore we like to grab some lunch (and some margaritas) and explore the Village.

It’s a nice little tradition I really look forward to every year. Most of these friends live in different states and have different schedules, so it’s nice to take a day to see everyone and catch up.

Here are some pictures from last year’s Pride:

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30 Day Challenge: Day 12

Write About 5 Blessings in Your Life

(I’m actually going to adjust today’s post and call it Write About 5 Things You Are Grateful For in Your Life since I really, really don’t like the connotation associated with blessings/blessed/etc.)

  1. My mom
  2. My friends
  3. My job (despite the fact that it sucks, it still pays me)
  4. The fact that I have a place to live
  5. My car

I know this is really short, but I spent the day in New Hope, PA with my mom and I’m feeling a little tired and lazy.

Also, if anyone would like to do this challenge with me, it can be found here.

30 Day Challange: Day 11

Something You Always Think “What if…” About

Lately, I’ve been thinking “what if I stayed in Korea?” No, I didn’t forget how miserable my school made me. However, I could have looked for a new one. I could have picked a new city. I loved being in the classroom; I loved my kids. Moreover, I was much more financially stable while I was there. I was able to save a good amount of money while still living very comfortably – eating out, traveling, shopping.

Since coming home, I’m not that comfortable. I feel like I keep repeating these thoughts, but they’re constantly on my mind. I hardly have money to do anything fun with friends. If I’m not working, I’m usually home on the Internet. I would love to treat myself to new cosmetics (like I did often in Korea) or try new restaurants multiple times per week.

I don’t want to continue to dwell on the “what ifs,” but they do pop up. For now, though, I must focus on the future and finding a full time job I can be happy with, even if it’s not in my field. And that’s exactly what I’ve been working on.

Also, if anyone would like to do this challenge with me, it can be found here.

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Write About Something For Which You Feel Strongly

Something I feel very strongly about is the overuse of technology – and I don’t like it. When I was in Korea, my students all had Samsung Galaxies or iPhones and they were constantly playing games on them during class (the middle schoolers were the worst culprits). Personally, I got my first cell phone in eighth grade, but it was very basic. No games, and I didn’t even have texting. Even now, I still enjoy making regular phone calls to friends and dislike the majority of apps people seem to use frequently.

It’s very hard to have a conversation with someone while their face is in a screen. At work, I see families out for lunch or dinner and their young children are playing on tablets throughout the entire meal. How are they supposed to learn social skills when they can’t even interact properly with their own families? Even the adults are often on their devices, texting or talking. I really find it quite sad.

We are losing the ability to interact with each other on an emotional level and express ourselves. More and more, our communication consists of emojis and abbreviations. So often, things can become misconstrued via text leaving one or more persons confused or upset by the message that was trying to be conveyed. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Furthermore, I feel like many students are not learning how to write like they did even ten, fifteen years ago. They certainly aren’t learning cursive. And, with the introduction of computers in the classroom, I suppose they are typing more work than ever. There is something comforting to me about handwriting. Throughout college, I hand wrote all my notes; I hated when I saw everyone on their laptops. I still write lists and post-its for myself. I feel like physically writing things out helps me to remember them.

I truly feel like all this technology is making us dumb. We need to find a balance before it becomes a serious problem.

How do you feel about the growing use of technology?

Also, if anyone would like to do this challenge with me, it can be found here.