An Announcement

I apologize for neglecting my 30 Day Challenge for the past week. However, I hope you can all forgive me because I have something to share with you…

I got a full-time job!

Everything happened so quickly, really. I applied for an interesting position through Indeed and was asked to come in for an interview pretty quickly. Then, my second interview was scheduled before I even left my first one. Several hours after my second interview, I was offered the position with Zaksons Fine Furniture and Interior Design.

My position is in the administrative support department and it is entry-level, but I am very excited to be working in a creative environment. I will be helping a team of interior designers to place orders for their clients as well as keep samples (like fabrics and leathers) organized and updated. I also got to visit the Zaksons outlet location (right across the street) to help with an order today.

Everything is very exciting right now!

I have been tirelessly searching for a full-time job for the past three years. This is the first one I’ve been offered and I really think it’s going to be a good fit. I think Zaksons is a good company and I feel like there is a lot of room for growth. I still feel like I’m in shock.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

The Battle of Drain’s Deep

Curse you, Korean plumbing, as I liken you to Saruman in my terrible, terrible Lord of the Rings-inspired title.


Last night, after I made dinner, I put my chili pan in the sink to soak. This morning, I washed it since I’m trying to be really good at being an adult. Halfway through washing, my entire sink filled with water and I started to gag. Quickly, I finished washing the pan and placed it on my drying rack.

Then, I immediately ran to my laptop to look up “how to unclog a drain in Korea” on Youtube. Naturally. Because what else would I do?

Nothing helpful.

I walked between my sink and my table about twelve times, just staring at the stagnant water. For those of you who know me, these things are really not my forte. (Read as: I am actually a huge baby when it comes to getting my hands dirty.)

But there was no one here to unclog my drain for me, so I had to do it myself.

Begrudgingly, I put on a pair of elbow length pink gloves (very reminiscent of Dr. Frank-n-Furter), and stuck my hand down the drain. I groped and wiggled and retched for what seemed like an eternity until I heard it Рthe woosh of water getting sucked down the drain at full force.


So, I rewarded myself for a job well done just like any other adult would: I had ice cream for breakfast.