A Little Late…

But Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Autumn is my most favorite season, and I’m a little sad that it doesn’t feel like it yet here in Korea.

The weather has been going back and forth between hot and muggy and cold and rainy. I’m just dying for cool and dry with the option of sweatshirt.

I want to see leaves turn to rust, to gold. I want to smell that fall earth smell: light, crisp, with the slightest hint of musk. I want to walk through beautiful places and watch nature works its magic right in front of my eyes.

Unfortunately, everything is still verdant as ever.

I can’t find a pumpkin spice latte. Not one. I even went into Starbucks the other day (which I only do on the rarest occasions) in the hopes that they would have pumpkin, but all they had was maple pecan. Which was still good. But not pumpkin.

Even if I can’t fully embrace autumn yet, I can still listen to my absolute favorite band of the season: Type O Negative.