The Post-Graduate Struggle

When I decided to leave for Korea, I was under the impression that teaching English there would fix all my problems. Namely, my financial instability and my emotional distress caused by my financial instability. However, the stress of my job ended up taking an even greater toll on my psyche despite the fact that I was making considerably more money than I had been at home.

Since returning to New Jersey, I honestly spend the majority of my time watching Netflix in bed and crying about how much money I don’t have, even though I am currently working. Student loans. Car insurance. Phone bill. Gas. After all my expenses are paid, I have very little left for myself and it tortures me. I am officially back to square one.

In Korea, I had more than enough money to go out to dinner multiple times per week, treat myself to some new cosmetics, or even take a weekend trip on a whim. And that was after I sent half my paycheck home to take care of my expenses! Now, an iced caramel latte at Dunkin’ Donuts is hardly affordable.

The state that I (and many of my peers) are currently in is a sad one. What did we go to college for? To be in debt for the rest of our lives and not find jobs in our fields?  To work somewhere part-time and still live at home with our parents three or four or five years after graduating?

It hardly makes me feel better when I see people working in positions which I know they got because their families have money, connections, or both. The system is truly flawed because of this. I am absolutely certain that there are much more qualified people who could be working in so many of the jobs out there, but are not given a chance because of some petty reason.

Then, of course, there are the jobs that expect you to have five years of experience for an entry level position when you only went to school for four. How is anyone supposed to gain experience if employers are not willing to take a chance on a promising individual and teach her or him the skills necessary to do that job?

It baffles me. It saddens me.Please feel free to add your comments, and perhaps we could get a discussion going.


Stress Levels Reaching New Heights!

I don’t think I realized how stressful this entire process would be.

I recently passed my interview with Canadian Connection, and after being given a list of several options, I decided to go with the Jeollanamdo public school offer. After receiving all the information I need from my recruiter, I noticed that the first wave of documents needs to be at their office in Toronto by June 26. That’s one week from now. I’m only sending my background check to D.C. today! It won’t even be processed by then, let alone sent back to me. Especially since it’s Friday. I asked the recruiter if this would be a problem, and he hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

Then, I also had my fingers crossed for a private school in Ulsan. My recruiter just told me that they liked me and thought my interview went really well, but they can not give me a definite answer yet because of the MERS epidemic. Student enrollment for the fall is apparently very low right now.

Furthermore, I’ve been constantly applying to jobs state side throughout this whole process. I’m up to over 70 applications sent out in the last three weeks alone. I’ve had two in person interviews, both of which said no. I’ve also gotten a bunch of other “no’s” via e-mail.

I don’t know if I can take it anymore. At this point, I just want a full time job. Korea. United States. Micronesia. I don’t fucking care. I haven’t had an actual day off in over two weeks between both my part-time jobs. I’m upset and sleeping poorly.

Is this what I spent five years in college for? Is this why I’m in crippling debt? To be overworked and underpaid for the rest of my life?

All I’ve ever wanted was to travel and have a stable job which allows me to do so. Instead, I have an incredibly expensive education which is essentially useless.

I need to hear back from somewhere soon. Anywhere. I need to start living my life. I feel like I’m doing everything right.¬†Guess not.