E-2 Visa Question?

Hey guys! I just got my passport back with my E-2 visa today. Yay!

However, as I was looking it over, I noticed that it said “single entry.” I’ve already begun making plans for traveling outside Korea while I’m there.¬†So I’m a little confused.

Will I not be able to leave and re-enter Korea? Do I have to get another type of visa before I travel?

If anyone has any experience with this, could you please help/clarify?

I have a US passport if that makes any difference.



Mo’ Money, Mo’ Paperwork (Or Applying for My E2 Visa)

My recruiter just notified me that she will have my visa number by next week (yay!).


I still need to gather more documents (and a visa fee) in order to send everything to the Korean Consulate in NY. I guess when your employer says that they’ll sponsor your visa, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have to pay more money or do most of the work. The more you know!

Anyway, I’m going to need the following for my E2 visa:

1. Visa application form

2.  Valid passport

3. 1 passport photo

4. Confirmation of visa issuance number

5. Copy of employment contract

6. Visa fee

I guess everything is finally beginning to come together, though. Can’t believe that I’ll be leaving about a month from now. Crazy. Absolutely crazy.