Three Month Update/Thanksgiving

As of the 28th, I’ve officially been in Korea for three months! That means I’m a quarter of the way through with my contract. Crazy to think about it that way.

On Thursday, I wasn’t able to properly celebrate Thanksgiving because I didn’t get out of work until 10. So, I decided to host Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment on Saturday for Aisling and Rob (from Ireland) and Steve (from Scotland). It was kind of funny being the only American at my holiday.

Anyway, my plan was to go to Costco in the morning for a rotisserie chicken. I took the bus, which took about 30 minutes. Once there, I grabbed a chicken and… A PUMPKIN PIE! I was so surprised they even had one. I also grabbed a five pound bag of frozen broccoli and a bag of pre-cooked boneless chicken breasts. I paid and treated myself to a hot slice of Costco pizza, as well.

Back at home, I also had a baby brie and crackers, dried cranberries, Stouffer’s stuffing and gravy (from my friend Candice), and I was going to make homemade mashed potatoes!


Steve brought some wine and beer, and Aisling and Rob brought a cheesecake, some more wine, and potato chips. We were ready for a feast.


It was so nice to sit down to a really Western meal. We ate and drank and laughed for hours. Heavy metal was played and Irish and Scottish Youtube videos were watched. Overall, I think it was a lovely Thanksgiving away from home.

And now, I will sit in bed for the rest of the day and eat pie.