30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 13

Today, I did the 13th day of the DO YOU YOGA 30 Day Challenge. It was called “Yoga for Emotional Release.” In addition to being a physical workout, it was also a mental one. The instructor in the video explained that we hold a lot of our stress in our hips. While I did the hip opening poses, I tried to focus on things I wanted to let go of while I stretched. She also said to focus on relaxing your face and mouth because we tend to “swallow” our emotions. It was a very cathartic practice and I highly recommend watching this video.

For breakfast, I had a spinach feta wrap from work (we were throwing a lot out last night, so I took them home to freeze). Then, I went to the gym and used the elliptical for 25 minutes. I was going to do some weights as well, but another person came in and I ended up getting really self conscious.

When I got home, I had a coconut yogurt with some fresh blackberries. It was delicious! Right now, my mom is cooking some stuffed peppers and tomatoes with ground turkey. I can smell it from my room. Yum!

Later, I’m only working six hours and when I get out I’m going to go grab a drink with one of my coworkers because today is her last day with us. It should be a fun time.

What are some ways that you de-stress?

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7

Today, I did the seventh day of the DO YOU YOGA 30 Day Challenge. It was called “Yoga to Ease Low Back Pain.” I liked this video a lot, especially since it focused on pigeon pose (one of my favorites). Pigeon is also an excellent hip opener. I feel really good right now, too, because I spent a lot of time yesterday shoveling snow and cleaning my car off. That was not fun for my body.

Speaking of snow, it was pretty terrible yesterday. I got to work early because the roads were bad (my 15 minute drive took me about 40 minutes) and as soon as I got there, the plaza manager called our store and told us that everyone would be closing at three. However, we actually had to wait for our district manager to tell us when to close, and we ended up staying open until 5. Literally the only store in the entire plaza.

People still came for their coffee, though. In droves. In a blizzard. It was insane and I was having a lot of anxiety because of it. We did everything we needed to get done and were out of there by about 5:30. I had to shovel my car out of the snow since a plow hadn’t come through the parking lot.

Driving home sucked, as it was now dark outside and still snowing. When I got home, though, my mom had made a yummy beef broccoli stir fry and I ended up watching Seinfeld in bed. Let’s see what today brings.

What are your plans?


30 Day Challenge: Day 8

Share Something You Struggle With

Something I struggle with is anxiety and it affects me on a regular basis. Over the years, I’ve held a number of different jobs and, while my tasks have changed, my response to stressful situations has not.

As a server, I can feel very overwhelmed. This happens when I either have a large party or many tables at once. If I feel rushed or if I’ve forgotten something or if things simply aren’t going smoothly, I can’t help but burst into tears. I have to completely remove myself from the situation and I end up in the back or locked in the bathroom.

At 25 years old, this is incredibly embarrassing. People will tell me to grow up or not to let it bother me. But it isn’t that simple. Rationally, I know it’s ridiculous to get upset over the fact that it took me two more minutes to bring a guest their Pepsi, but in that moment it feels like the end of the world to me.

My eyes fill with tears and it becomes physically difficult to breathe.

I wish I knew how to keep this from happening, but I don’t. I’ve tried yoga. I’ve tried breathing exercises and meditation. But nothing seems to work.

What’s something you struggle with? What’s your coping mechanism?

Also, if anyone would like to do this challenge with me, it can be found here.